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How Can I Get Advice for Dealing With My ERISA LTD Insurance?

For legal advice on your LTD claim, you need to work with an experienced LTD attorney.  Contact us now to see if we can advise you: 401-331-6300. CCK may be able to handle your claim for you on a contingency basis, with no upfront cost to you.

The question of when and how to apply for benefits can be more complicated than you think.  Many policies have important deadlines that you must meet. The matter is further complicated if you missed work before your date of disability or if you are working in a reduced capacity. At CCK, we are aware of the common mistakes applicants make as they apply for disability benefits and will help make sure that you do not make those same mistakes.

Insurance companies are focused on finding ways to reduce or deny your benefits. However, if you provide the insurer with thorough evidence of your disability, on time, the insurer is more likely to grant you the benefits you deserve. The forms provided by your insurance company may not be enough to give the insurer the full picture of your condition. At CCK, we know how to document your disability.

Another common issue for many claimants is communicating with the insurance company. Whether it is their inability to return calls on time or answer questions, many claimants become fed up with their insurer during the application process. We have dealt with countless insurers and can be the point of contact for your insurer. That way, you can focus on your health and well-being instead of fighting the insurer at every turn.

If your insurer has already denied your claim for LTD benefits, our attorneys can help you with the appeals process. It can be difficult to change ERISA claim decisions, but our attorneys can examine your policy and your denial letter to determine if we can help.

Find Out More by Downloading Our Disability Guide

The ERISA attorneys at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD understand the complexities of ERISA cases and are able to take on the powerful insurance companies. We may be able to handle your LTD appeal on a contingency basis, with no upfront cost to you.

Call now for a free consultation to see if CCK can assist you: 401-331-6300.