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Agent Orange

What Issues Can Agent Orange Exposure Cause?

Exposure to Agent Orange can cause a number of severe health issues, including diabetes and several forms of cancer. If you were exposed to Agent Orange during your military service and developed one of these conditions, you may be eligible to receive VA disability benefits. A VA disability lawyer or other representative can help you collect the evidence you need to file your claim.

Health Conditions Caused by Agent Orange Exposure

Agent Orange is a defoliant the military used during the Vietnam War to clear out vast stretches of the jungle where enemy fighters were thought to be hiding. Later on, U.S. service members who were exposed to the chemical began developing various health conditions. Many studies followed and linked Agent Orange to more than a dozen medical conditions.

As of 2018, VA recognizes 14 medical conditions as associated with Agent Orange exposure. This is important, as veterans with qualifying service and a diagnosis of one of the 14 conditions listed below are afforded presumptive service connection.

  • AL amyloidosis: A rare disease caused by an abnormal protein entering your muscle tissues or organs.
  • Chronic B-cell leukemias: Cancer of the white blood cells.
  • Chloracne: A skin condition that looks like severe acne and occurs following contact with Agent Orange. This condition must be rated as 10 percent disabling within one year of discharge for you to be eligible for VA disability benefits.
  • Type 2 diabetes: A disease in which the body does not process insulin correctly, resulting in chronically high blood sugar levels.
  • Hodgkin’s disease: A type of lymphoma cancer characterized by the growth of the lymph nodes, liver, or spleen, along with progressive anemia.
  • Ischemic heart disease: Heart condition caused by inadequate blood to the heart.
  • Multiple myelomas: Cancer of the plasma cells in the blood.
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: Cancer of the lymph glands and lymphatic tissues.
  • Parkinson’s disease: A progressive nervous system disorder that affects muscle movement and balance.
  • Peripheral neuropathy: A nervous system disorder that can cause a number of complications, including numbness and muscle weakness. This condition must be rated as 10% disabling within one year of discharge for you to be eligible for VA disability benefits.
  • Porphyria Cutanea Tarda: A liver disorder that causes the skin to thin and blister in areas exposed to the sun. This condition must be rated as 10% disabling within one year of discharge for you to be eligible for VA disability benefits.
  • Prostate cancer: Cancer of the prostate.
  • Respiratory cancers: Cancer of the lungs, larynx, bronchus, or trachea.
  • Soft Tissue sarcomas: Cancer of the body’s soft tissues, including muscle, fat, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

What to Do If Your Health Condition Does Not Appear on This List

If you have qualifying military service during the presumptive period of exposure and have a diagnosis of any of the above-mentioned health conditions, you can apply for VA disability benefits without needing to provide a “nexus” to your condition. Due to your qualifying service, VA will presume you were exposed to herbicides and presume that your diagnosis is due to that exposure. Instead,

What if you have a condition that is not on the list, but your doctor believes it stems from your exposure to Agent Orange? You can still apply for VA disability, but you will have to establish a nexus. However, you will have to provide medical evidence linking your diagnosis to your exposure during service.

This evidence may include your medical records, a statement or report from your doctor, and scientific studies linking your condition to Agent Orange exposure.

How to Apply for VA Disability for a Medical Condition Caused by Agent Orange Exposure

To apply for VA disability for a condition caused by Agent Orange exposure, you have several options:

  • Apply online at
  • Print the necessary forms, fill them out, and mail them to the appropriate VA location.
  • Apply in person at your local VA office.

With your application, you should submit any evidence you have that supports your claim.

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